Tools to help you build your online business!

Building an online business can be a daunting task especially when you don`t have the right tools or strategy. This can cause new people to quit their business before they get started. You should always have a simple system in place as well as recommended tools that will help them with their building process, there are some good tools and some really bad ones. Over time I`ve been able to research these tools well which keep me from wasting time and money, here are 4 tools after researching them and testing them myself that I would recommend to anyone who is building their business online. First is a capture page system I use that has a free account setup that allows you to customize your pages and includes an auto responder that you can edit and track your analytics  The second tool I use allowed me to gather 55,395 email leads within a 6hr time period  The third tool I use allowed me to rank my video on the first page of Google  The fourth tool I use has allowed me to find targeted leads on Facebook anywhere in the world  Thank you for taking the time to read this short post and I want to share this free source that will allow you to find Facebook groups without having to login to the site