Why Feeder Programs Are Becoming More Popular

Today we`re seeing more feeder programs arriving on the scene of the home business arena. The decline of the dollar and the raise of inflation has made it easy for these programs to thrive.

Some MLM companies are still using the model of purchase your business kit and maintain your PV, BV, Points or Quota`s to either stay at your current rank or earn additional income bonuses.

This is no problem for those of us that know how to sponsor and train our organization, for those who can`t do that they are bound to quit the business. The main objective to any business is to help the new people get into profit mode quickly.

Feeder programs are designed to help the new person make money faster so that they see the legitamacy of the program. Two things will occur from this, a sense of well being and a strong desire and commitment to earn more.

I truly believe the legitimate feeder programs will turn the tide to helping those who are living paycheck to paycheck, unemployed or looking for an alternative way to supplementing their income.

Earning income in these programs will give them options to joining other programs  allowing them to create multiple streams of income. This is a great resource you can use to sponsor people into your primary business.

I use a program called Feeder Matrix for the new person in the industry and I`ve gotten my fair share of negative comments. I just state you`re entitled to your own opinion and leave it at that, besides working these programs just adds another stream of income and that`s what smart business people do!

Feeder Matrix is just one of the ideal programs that`s easy to do, doesn`t require sponsoring a lot of people, resell rights to digital products which aren`t bad and 100% commissions. This is great for college students looking to put some extra cash in their pockets.

If you are new to the industry you want to look at this program as well, for veterans this is a great resource to  increase your primary business. These programs even the playing field in the economy and will make a difference in people`s lives. For those of you that may be interested you can review this short and powerful 2 min presentation here http://tinyurl.com/freedomin2mins


Automating your home business

When do you decide when it`s time to stop working so hard promoting your business, product or service? You hear the old saying you have to work hard to make a lot of money, that may have been true during the industrial age but not now.

There are a lot of people trying to make income working their home business, the problem is most people spend hours in front of the computer or on the telephone contacting prospects and potential customers.

If you`re spending too much time working your business then you will have little time for yourself and your family which means in order to create some time freedom something has to give.

The top money earners don`t waste their time on free systems they buy traffic for pennies on the dollar, they don`t spend hours in front of the computer or telephone either. They have tools that do these tasks for them.

They know by having the right tools and strategies they can have their business running on auto pilot, that`s what you should be thinking about right now. Wouldn`t it be nice if you were on vacation and your business was doing scheduled work for you?

Life has been much easier since I started using some good software tools that has cut my time spent on the computer by 60% which gives me more time to enjoy my hobbies while still making money.

I recommend these 3 tools, the first one puts me in touch with quality people on Facebook, the software finds the people I`m looking for and all I do is cut and paste my message to them and the response has been great it even have some new friends in Korea, France, Taiwan and Malaysia. Check it out here http://tinyurl.com/yourfbleadsource

The second tool let`s me auto post comments on Youtube and Facebook, this is another strategy I use to build contacts and relationships with other IBO`s in the industry. I search for specific videos and give great comments, yesterday alone the software commented on 1180 videos. Check it out here http://tinyurl.com/socialmediasolution

The third tool I use gathers 50,000 email leads from any search criteria I choose, which goes into my mailer for example if I chose weight loss as my target search it will give me email addresses of those people who have searched for weight loss or any other diet program. With tools working for me I can find my targeted leads for free. Check it out here http://tinyurl.com/yourleadsolution

Find a way to automate your business and free up your time you`ll be glad you did, there are some great software tools out there and there`s some that`s just over hyped. I only recommend tools that I personally use for my business, if it doesn`t give value to people I don`t even mention them.