Why Marketers Are Starting To Use SMS/Mobile Marketing!

Social media marketing has been what the majority of entrepreneurs have been using to promote their business, products and or services! From posting on Facebook groups, tweeting, emailing, forums, classified ads, pinterest and instagram just to name a few.

Here`s where it can become difficult for those marketers relying on this type of marketing, first you have everyone doing the same thing which can cause your information to get lost amongst the others. You also have 98% of those marketers competing over 2% of the available wealth!

Here`s a few marketing facts you may or may not be aware of starting with Facebook! Did you know the average open rate is 12% and if you have anything less than that Facebook will view your post as non important causing your post not to be seen by those who actually engage in your post.

Twitter is slightly better with an open rate of 29% and again with everyone tweeting information can be missed unless you`re using hash tags then you increase your chances of your tweets being seen and read.

Emailing has an open rate of 30% and could be lessen if your marketing is being caught by spam filters causing your information to be casted aside especially with people not taking the time to see what`s in their spam folder!

The reason why entrepreneurs are moving to SMS or Mobile marketing is the fact the majority of people carry their smartphones everywhere they go and it`s a fact that 98-99% of text messages are opened and or read. You may notice how these SMS marketing companies are advertising their services on other sites!

Large corporations are using this to reach their customers informing them on sales and promos! It`s also what 2% of the marketers are using to capture their share of the 98% of the available wealth!

The only small problem is finding targeted SMS leads, that problem has been solved if entrepreneurs have an open mind to research and investigate this powerful software that features a keyword specific targeted lead from 45 different mobile carriers.

This software also features a delay timer allowing you the flexibility of automation and not needing to use any proxy services or VPN`s! I was fortunate to test this powerful software tool before it`s launch 2 weeks ago and you can see how I gathered over 44,000 targeted leads within 48 hours here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o59huYs7xMk

If you`re looking to position yourself in a way that will allow you to expose your business, product and or services to the masses you need to research this information here and make sure you bookmark the site so you can refer back to it http://goo.gl/Uh0lk3



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