Why Marketers Are Starting To Use SMS/Mobile Marketing!

Social media marketing has been what the majority of entrepreneurs have been using to promote their business, products and or services! From posting on Facebook groups, tweeting, emailing, forums, classified ads, pinterest and instagram just to name a few.

Here`s where it can become difficult for those marketers relying on this type of marketing, first you have everyone doing the same thing which can cause your information to get lost amongst the others. You also have 98% of those marketers competing over 2% of the available wealth!

Here`s a few marketing facts you may or may not be aware of starting with Facebook! Did you know the average open rate is 12% and if you have anything less than that Facebook will view your post as non important causing your post not to be seen by those who actually engage in your post.

Twitter is slightly better with an open rate of 29% and again with everyone tweeting information can be missed unless you`re using hash tags then you increase your chances of your tweets being seen and read.

Emailing has an open rate of 30% and could be lessen if your marketing is being caught by spam filters causing your information to be casted aside especially with people not taking the time to see what`s in their spam folder!

The reason why entrepreneurs are moving to SMS or Mobile marketing is the fact the majority of people carry their smartphones everywhere they go and it`s a fact that 98-99% of text messages are opened and or read. You may notice how these SMS marketing companies are advertising their services on other sites!

Large corporations are using this to reach their customers informing them on sales and promos! It`s also what 2% of the marketers are using to capture their share of the 98% of the available wealth!

The only small problem is finding targeted SMS leads, that problem has been solved if entrepreneurs have an open mind to research and investigate this powerful software that features a keyword specific targeted lead from 45 different mobile carriers.

This software also features a delay timer allowing you the flexibility of automation and not needing to use any proxy services or VPN`s! I was fortunate to test this powerful software tool before it`s launch 2 weeks ago and you can see how I gathered over 44,000 targeted leads within 48 hours here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o59huYs7xMk

If you`re looking to position yourself in a way that will allow you to expose your business, product and or services to the masses you need to research this information here and make sure you bookmark the site so you can refer back to it http://goo.gl/Uh0lk3



Why you need to analyze your Facebook account and clean it up!

Entrepreneurs and businesses alike are using social media to market, promote and advertise their products and or services. The casual user will post, share and interact with their friends, the question is how many of those friends actually like, share and comment on their post?

Are you also using Facebook for casual or business interest? When was the last time you analyzed your account? How many genuine friends like, comment and share your post? If you`re relying on Facebook to promote your business, product or services you want the right kind of friends!

I`m willing to say you have friends that never interact with you and it could take you hours to find and discard them from your friends list since there`s a 5000 friends limit you definitely want the best list you can have.

Today you will learn how to analyze and clean up your Facebook account allowing you to discard those who really don`t have an interest in you or your business. You will also create more space for the right choice of friends

Watch this short demo showing you the power of cleaning your Facebook account!


Marketing strategies using powerful cost effective software tools!

Today online marketing is becoming more competitive and those who are using the same strategies over and over again are just spinning their wheels. If you`re tweeting your information it`s liable to get lost among the other tweeters out there, if you`re posting in Facebook groups can result in the same thing. How would you like to be able to drive your targeted traffic to a website give them something they want to read and then upon exiting you`re able to advertise your business opportunity, your product/service you`re promoting without having to pay the advertising cost? you can use this strategy on practically any website, let`s say you`re selling smartphones on Ebay and you want to send your potential customers to Bestbuy to check out the latest phones and once they`ve become excited about purchasing one your advertisement shows them how to get that phone for less. What could this type of strategy do for your business? 

Watch both demos to see the power of this powerful strategy at work!



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How to advertise your business, product or service on any site!

There are a myriad of different marketing strategies being introduced to the entrepreneurial world anything from social media marketing, traffic generation, article writing, blogging and posting on classified ad sites. Are you promoting differently on social media or are you doing the same as everyone else just posting in groups watching your information get lost amongst the others? Are you posting on sites like Craigslist just to see your ads being flagged, ghosted or deleted because your competitors are flagging your ads so that theirs can stay on top? I was taught you must do something the complete opposite of what everyone else is doing by using this strategy it will allow you to promote your business, product or service on other sites. You can see a demo of how this will help your marketing here http://goo.gl/FXTA27 To use this strategy you can go here http://goo.gl/lnTf7o 


Today more people are looking at outsourcing as an alternative to freeing up their time. Those that have more of a budget will tend to look at outsourcing than those who don`t. There are many options for people to research to see what is more beneficial to them.

I`m going to use 4 different examples for each. The 1st thing is Facebook Groups, let`s say you`re a part of 1000 groups and you want to post to those groups information you can provide as a solution to anyone`s problem. You want to do this everyday.
You have outsourced that task and now you`re relying on someone to have access to your account, your advertising information and anything else they`re going to need to do this daily task. How much will that cost you per month?
You have a software tool that allows you to add and input all the groups you`re a member of create your advertisement and schedule random daily times you want that information to be posted and it would cost you $0 per month!
You don`t have to give access to your dummy Facebook account or any other information and it will save you an estimated $300-$500 per month!
Now let`s look at keeping your advertisement in front of your potential clients daily like a commercial, this can be challenging even for an outsourced client and could cost you even more per month!
You have a software that will allow you to create a hot news or sports topic that trending, share that link throughout the social media platform allowing it to go viral! That link can be redirected to CNN, MSNBC, ESPN or any site you want. The magic happens once they`re done reading your advertisement is displayed to them and will follow them!
Now you`re looking to outsource an SEO company to help with getting your site ranked and indexed by Google, the question is how long before you start showing up on the 1st page? How much of that free traffic have you lost waiting? How much is it going to cost you per month?
You have a tool that educates you and teaches you the importance of video marketing showing you it`s easier to rank videos than websites and you don`t have to bid against those corporate giants who have deeper pockets!
This tool will quickly help your videos rank on the 1st page of YouTube and it`s owner Google without spending a dime on keywords and without paying someone or company a monthly fee! Imagine being positioned in front of all those people searching the 2 biggest engines on the web, what could that do for your business?
The last topic I`m going to discuss is protecting your assets. You invest in the stock market, whether it`s day trading, hedge funds or mutual funds. The problem is you don`t really have much control, you`re relying on a broker whose going to get paid whether you make a profit or take a loss! No one cares more about your money than you do so why allow someone else to have control?
You have a software tool that will search your stock criteria for you within seconds, it will check to see if the rules apply to open positions. You input how many shares you want to purchase, your profit margin and stop loss percentage. The software will monitor your assets and the market, make profitable buy and sell transactions on your behalf.
The software will open and close positions, deposit your profits into your brokerage account and shut down at the end of trading and repeat the process daily. No programming just point and click! Below will be links for you to research yourself!






Ranking your Video, Website or Blog on the 1st page of Google with multiple search volume keywords!

People forget how important it is to be on the 1st page of Google and there`s a good reason why companies vie to keep their website there. Those who have replicated sites from the company they promote should be looking to get theirs on the 1st page too.

Being on the 1st page is more valuable when your site has multiple search volume keywords attached so when people are searching for a particular subject your site will appear for those keyword searches.
Let`s for example purposes say you were promoting a business opportunity that offers weight loss solutions. Keywords like lose weight, lose weight fast, fast weight loss, safe weight loss, best weight loss solutions, diet programs, simple programs for weight loss, etc…..
Imagine your site coming up on the 1st page every time someone uses a different keyword search, how much of that targeted traffic could be generated to your site? This is a great way to get laser free targeted traffic.
If you are serious about getting free target traffic from Google you need to start considering a plan of action. There are companies that offer SEO services and you have to do your research to determine the right company.
There are also other ways to getting your information ranked by guest posting, commenting on Blogs and putting your blog URL in the comment and some great software tools that help.
Here`s a demo of some great software that will help anyone looking to get their information ranked on the 1st page of Google http://tinyurl.com/outrankyourcompetition

Why Automating Your Business Is The Right Move!

Today more companies are using automation to improve their business. Those who are running and building home businesses should be looking to do the same, here are some examples of companies automating their business. self checkout at grocery stores, automated voices on phones and virtual assistants on websites.

There are some great software tools that can help you automate your business, there`s software that trade the stock market  allowing you to build your portfolio, some that will promote your business, service or product for you and the list goes on and on.

One must decide which software tools could provide a valuable asset to them and researching them may take some time to do but will be worth it once you find the right tools. Through my research I have found some great software tools as well as other tools that help people with home businesses.

I have found tools that allow me to connect with like minded individuals on Facebook, auto comment on YouTube videos which I really like for the fact it allows me to connect with other home business owners and share marketing strategies and ideas with one another.

Your comments are also seen by other people who are interested in what the video is promoting, this will allow you to build relationships with others who are seeking solutions to their problems.

I`ve found tools that allow you to create capture/squeeze pages you can customize your image, content and video. It includes an auto responder as well, this is a free version, a bulk mailer is available if you decide to upgrade. Those who would like to know more about these tools can send me an email and I will be more than happy to send you additional information.