Today more people are looking at outsourcing as an alternative to freeing up their time. Those that have more of a budget will tend to look at outsourcing than those who don`t. There are many options for people to research to see what is more beneficial to them.

I`m going to use 4 different examples for each. The 1st thing is Facebook Groups, let`s say you`re a part of 1000 groups and you want to post to those groups information you can provide as a solution to anyone`s problem. You want to do this everyday.
You have outsourced that task and now you`re relying on someone to have access to your account, your advertising information and anything else they`re going to need to do this daily task. How much will that cost you per month?
You have a software tool that allows you to add and input all the groups you`re a member of create your advertisement and schedule random daily times you want that information to be posted and it would cost you $0 per month!
You don`t have to give access to your dummy Facebook account or any other information and it will save you an estimated $300-$500 per month!
Now let`s look at keeping your advertisement in front of your potential clients daily like a commercial, this can be challenging even for an outsourced client and could cost you even more per month!
You have a software that will allow you to create a hot news or sports topic that trending, share that link throughout the social media platform allowing it to go viral! That link can be redirected to CNN, MSNBC, ESPN or any site you want. The magic happens once they`re done reading your advertisement is displayed to them and will follow them!
Now you`re looking to outsource an SEO company to help with getting your site ranked and indexed by Google, the question is how long before you start showing up on the 1st page? How much of that free traffic have you lost waiting? How much is it going to cost you per month?
You have a tool that educates you and teaches you the importance of video marketing showing you it`s easier to rank videos than websites and you don`t have to bid against those corporate giants who have deeper pockets!
This tool will quickly help your videos rank on the 1st page of YouTube and it`s owner Google without spending a dime on keywords and without paying someone or company a monthly fee! Imagine being positioned in front of all those people searching the 2 biggest engines on the web, what could that do for your business?
The last topic I`m going to discuss is protecting your assets. You invest in the stock market, whether it`s day trading, hedge funds or mutual funds. The problem is you don`t really have much control, you`re relying on a broker whose going to get paid whether you make a profit or take a loss! No one cares more about your money than you do so why allow someone else to have control?
You have a software tool that will search your stock criteria for you within seconds, it will check to see if the rules apply to open positions. You input how many shares you want to purchase, your profit margin and stop loss percentage. The software will monitor your assets and the market, make profitable buy and sell transactions on your behalf.
The software will open and close positions, deposit your profits into your brokerage account and shut down at the end of trading and repeat the process daily. No programming just point and click! Below will be links for you to research yourself!